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Cover photo with blue and white stripes covering a mountain picture, with words Intro to GEE

Getting Started with Google Earth Engine

Here's a Colab tutorial (and video!) where I translate GEE into normal GIS language and walk through all of the basics you need to start finding and analyzing data today!

Map of watershed outline with words watershed analyses and GEE as title

Watershed analyses with Google Earth Engine

With this Colab notebook tutorial, you will learn how to extract, analyze, and plot ET, PET, precipitation, and streamflow data for any USGS gauged watershed!

Picture of a tree in front of a rock wall with a waterfall and rainbow

Talking about widespread use of bedrock water by woody vegetation

Watch my presentation at UT's "Water, Climate, and Energy" seminar last month, where I describe the motivation and results behind our recent paper, published in Nature in September. You can read more about that project, as well as access the resulting data, here.

Doodle of plants evapotranspiring with title on top

Extracting timeseries with GEE

Here's a quick tutorial on two ways I commonly extract timeseries data from Google Earth Engine: (1) Using the geemap package, and (2) using a manual loop (slow but functional). Here I try out these methods on a variety of evapotranspiration datasets. To see these methods in-action (and consolidated into functions), check out my watershed tutorial.